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Environmental Policy

ALR aims to mitigate the effects our business has on the environment. We recognise the business has an impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to minimise this impact and if possible negate the effects.

Therefore, it is central to our business philosophy to manage our own environmental impacts. We have adopted the ISO 14001 2004 standard as the basis for our environmental management system.

It is incumbent on us to take all practical steps to continually improve our environmental performance whilst preventing pollution of the environment and conserving resources.

In support of this policy we seek ways to reduce the impact of what we do by, reducing waste and energy consumption in all aspects of the business.

We will examine all aspects of the business. We will determine where renewable resources can be employed, where energy savings can be achieved and where waste reduction can be influenced, then work to introduce steps to carry this out.

We will monitor our environmental impacts and the effectiveness of reducing these through the steps we take. Furthermore, we recognise our obligations to comply with relevant legislation to support our objective to minimise the impact of our business.

Wherever practical we will encourage our suppliers, customers and staff to join with us in reducing the effect we all have on the environment. In particular we will encourage customers and suppliers to use products with the least potential impact.

It is our firm belief that stewardship of the environment rests with us all and that we should all play our part in ensuring future sustainability.

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